Technology to Control Psychology and Beyond


June 13, 2016 by tushumane

Change in Psychology is Change in Society:

People keep talking about change in psychology as an ultimate solution to any problem. The famous quote “I am that Change” or “Change Starts with You” are best illustrators. Solution to almost all the social issues like traffic, cleanliness, pollution, population are rooted at self change. Many campaigns are being taken to address these issues and nearly all are failing. Lets try to understand what the result would be if we have to keep check on them using technology. In this paper, we will consider one of the burning problems – “Saving Electricity”.

Electricity is a Premium Resource:

Electricity has now become one of the basic needs of human life. Can you imagine human life without electricity in 21st century? Of course “NO”. Again famous saying “Saving Electricity is Nothing But Generating Electricity”. We always keep advising others to save electricity but “Are we doing it in first place?”.

Human Psychology and Numbers:

Human mind is more responsive or rather afraid of numbers since its evolution. Here’s the best example:

Scenario One:

Teacher gives an assignment to the class, but does not mention the submission time. In this case the students will take the assignment casually. Result, hardly one or two will complete the assignment and rest will not even look at it.

Scenario Two:

Teacher gives an assignment to the class saying that he wants it within 2 days, and those who fail to submit will lose their 20 marks of the assessment process. Result, 95% will submit it in time, rest 5% will delay but yes, they will submit.

That is why we love to see the statistics rather than reading whole theoretical report.

Getting in to The Context:

Referencing to the same fact, we now involve electricity in the game. What if there is a device in each room of you house/flat showing (in rupees) the amount you are being charged for using electricity?

Surely, it has geared up your economical mind.

Proposed Idea:

The idea is to have a device in each room, which will display (in rupees) the amount we are getting charged for the usage of electricity in real-time. Like you automatically get speed up looking at a time in clock while preparing for the office or school, by looking at amount being charged for the electricity, its damn sure that you will try to save electricity.

Lets take an example, you are reading the news paper, at the same time TV is on. After looking at the real-time amount being charged , you will turn off the TV, which you would never do if there would not be the device showing such.

In another example, you are finding some thing in your house, you looked for that thing in the bedroom and you haven’t found it, so now you are heading towards the hall to find it. Passing by the door of bedroom, you looked at the amount you are charged for electricity being used in bedroom, you turned back switch off the lights and then you went to the hall. Are you sure you would do it in other case? Think on it.

Implementation :

From the meter or distribution unit in the house, there are several electrical connections going in to different rooms. Fitting a voltage measurement sensor on cluster of wires reaching to individual room and then multiplying the measurement taken by the current charges applicable per unit we can get the total amount we are getting charged for that particular room. Similarly for the other rooms. We can put another sensor on the cluster of wires for whole house/flat and measure the total amount. Another benefit of doing this is we can verify the bill charged by distributer for the electricity and is it really the same. If not, either your measuring device is wrong or distributor is looting you. Remember that charges per unit gets updated in regular intervals by the distributors and different charges get applied for different slabs of usage.

Extending it further: (Internet of Things and Big Data Analytical Methods)

Current solution is all about single house/flat. We can extend it to group of houses/flats/society/apartment and we can get usage in our society/neighborhood.


Again combining neighborhoods, that is at local DPs, further District DPs and finally State’s alpha DP, if we allow the measuring sensors to send data to the cental server, we can easily apply different analytic methods on the received data and obtain usage patterns at different levels. This is very useful for planning, administrating, monitoring and distributing electricity optimally. Amongst the enormous number of uses, one critical use is deciding load shading policies. The area where electricity is getting consumed unnecesarrily (for e.g. TV, music devices)  during particular hours of day, those areas can be shortlisted for load shading.

Going further, having centralized management will allow us to flexibly manage the electricity distribution policies. We can separate industrial and residential areas more effectively and apply the policies. Uses of this methodology are unimaginable.

Implementation Notes:

Big data analytical methods, Internet of Things.


2 thoughts on “Technology to Control Psychology and Beyond

  1. Ajinkya Ogale says:

    Excellent thought. But hard to implement.
    Also, electricity distributors already have the data of consumption for perticular areas like industrial, household as they charge you by counting the units then why should they implement this. Just a question.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tushumane says:

      Thanks Ajinkya for commenting. I appreciate your comment. Yes, they do have a system to charge according to type of area and units consumed, but they do not have a centralized control. Also they don not know the equipment wise stats, like in area A 75% of the total is utilized by TV, Music sets or in area B most of the power is consumed by water pumps. Also, the main part of article focuses on saving electricity by targeting human psychology. Just imagine what things we can do on this data by applying various analytical methods. We can also suggest users through mobile app. about their usage and advise them accordingly. There are countless extensions to it.


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