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June 21, 2016 by tushumane

Care-Ear Music Player:

There is hardly a person on earth who does not listen to music. Music has been a significant part of human life since ancient times. Devices that are used to listen to music have also undergone many evolutions, beginning from acoustic , electrical, magnetic to digital era. Our generation is witnessing digital era which is ruled by iPod, various MP3 players. With advent in technology, mobile phones are becoming more powerful. They are now considered as one-stop solution and a strong alternative to featured devices like digital camera, music players. In fact, more than 90% people in world use mobile phones to listen to music. But are these music devices ear friendly? Let’s see.

Music players and mobile phones in the period of 2000 to 2010 primarily focused on music as a function. What I mean is, apart from basic encodings and formating they just focused on enabling music on mobile devices and increase the functions in mobiles. Still, many of them are focusing on categorizing, recommending the music to the people. In 2010, music player and mobile companies first thought of having ear friendly music players. They started suggesting people the volume levels sufficient or safe to ear for listening music. In 2012, phones and music players started automatically setting the volume to safe level for hearing. But is it really sufficient?

Most of the music stores and web lacks the music which is properly encoded and formatted, also there is no uniformity in the encoding. Some have high pitch, some have low pitch. Music players just sense the volume level of device and do not sense pitch of the music being played. For example, David is listening to recently released “I Want it All” song from “Something to Talk About”, he was listening with high volume levels, so music player automatically set the volume to safe level by giving him a warning.



Warnings in Windows mobiles and Android mobiles respectively, regarding volume level 

After completing the song music player switched to next song “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by “Justin Timberlake” which was encoded in high pitch. As soon as it started David’s ear got bruised with it and he immediately reduced the volume. In this case the current policy of ear safety completely failed. Another case would be like this, a person is hearing a radio. A soft song is being played on a radio, the song ends, and suddenly a high pitch advertisement or a rock song starts and listener gets disturbed. With latest headphones, music is already so close to ears, that it would cause a major problem eventually, and with such problems of pitch and noise, it will happen very sooner. Now, even if encoding is done properly, noise free, and evrything is fine, there are certain songs which are made purposely with continuously changing pitches, going from high to low and again back to high. And going further what about the signal noise when you are hearing to a radio? It can be very harmful to ears if you are facing it daily.

Now let’s look at following Care-Ear-Music-Player:



The Overview

Care-Ear-Music-Player will analyse the music for varying pitches, if pitch becomes high, it will reduce the volume, if pitch is low it will set volume to normal level. Also with different patterns of sound noises already known, whenever noise will occur it will make it smooth, you will not even know the presence of noise in signal.

So now, whether the pitch of the songs is varying any way or noise is there in signal care-ear-music player is there to take care of your ears. Sit back , relax and enjoy the music at it best without worrying about safety of ears.


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