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July 13, 2016 by tushumane

What People Do Today:

Touch screen is one of the chicest technology and it will definitely spring over time. We got much precise with the help of pens. Pens allowed us to write on the screens of devices much like how we write on papers. Character recognition took it one step ahead and now a days people write and sketch on digital slates/mobiles/tablets/laptops and their work gets digitized like never imagined before. This will evolve with the advent of high performance computing and faster, cheaper GPUs. But the pre-requisite is that you must have rich digital slate/device to write on. Not fair!


Time to Move On!

Of course there is no technology without limitations. But we should try to minimize the gap. The limitation of current digital pens is that they must have digital platform to write on. In this article we try to overcome this decision by proposing the model of pen, with the help of which you can write on anything, any piece of paper, any notebook, on anything you want.


Pen will contain three major components:

  1. Sensor: The core part of model which will capture the finger movements and will send them to the digitizer.
  2. Digitizer: Digitizer will convert the movements data from sensor in to the digital form.
  3. Memory : It will store whatever is being digitized by digitizer. In other words, whatever you write will automatically will get its digital representation. It may also contain instructions/ program to have additional customized functions.
  4. Wrist Band: It will be connected with pen wirelessly and will be useful for detecting breaks (spaces) that writer will take while writing.

Wi-fi module:  It will be useful to connect to wrist band as well as when you get connected to network, your data will be saved on cloud.

Further Possible extension:

With memory to store the instructions, you can customize the pen as you wish. One of the function you can add is:

Feed the dictionary in to memory, and when you write wrong word/spelling your pen will vibrate. If you think it’s really genuine you can correct it, or if it’s not relevant just ignore. You can add grammar rules too.

Love it? Of course you do!

Thank you for reading.


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