A Much Needed Right


July 16, 2016 by tushumane


Messaging, E-mails are blessings to the communication system in terms of cost, time required and reliability. Now a days one more characteristic has become integral part of messaging systems, that is availability. Previously, message could only be delivered successfully if recipient was available on the other side. But now with the helps of queues and buffers or we can say at the edge persistence provided by today’s networks, even though recipient is unavailable message or email can be delivered.  Many times due to sender’s ignorance or hurriedness, messages and emails are sent to wrong recipient(s) or the one(s) who are not intended for same. This can be okay if message or email sent was not confidential, personal or abuse.But most of the times this is the case and sender has to face very awkward situation. In this article we try to address this issue.

Extending User Right On Content


As depicted, once message left the sender queue,sender becomes ineffectual.

Now proposed suggestion is,


Associate the access control bit for every packet of data, using which we can extend the sender rights.

But, the most important thing is


       *** Sender will lose his/her control over data as soon as recipient reads it ***

Sender will not have control over data while the data is over the network because this will affect the transparency of network system. Usually data over network flows as per availability of resources and other conditions. So it’s better not to give control over data while it is on network as this can be maliciously used.

With this mechanism, definitely sender will never face confidentiality issues and awkward moments.





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