The Heartbeat!


September 14, 2016 by tushumane

Initial purpose of us behind computers was to accelerate the tedious activities of life, then gradually technology kept progressing and so our reliance on it. Now days, we are dependent on computers for most of the things (even for things we should not). Almost all kind of communication happening today relies on internet. To accelerate communication we then blessed by notification mechanism. People now can react to mails, messages or any notification for that matter as soon as it reaches our device. Now lets look at following situation.

Tom is going to office , right now he is in his car, phone is synced with infotainment system of car and listening to his favorite song online via mobile internet. He reached office, as soon as he entered in office, he got connected to office Wi-Fi (thanks to company for providing Wi-Fi service). Tom started his work and now he is busy with his work.

capture Unfortunately, due to some network issues company’s Wi-Fi network is down. Tom is busy in his work and there is no way of Tom knowing that the Wi-Fi network to which he is connected  is down.

Tim, a very good friend of Tom’s, messaged Tom regarding a flash sale on saying “Hey Tom, Unbelievable offer price on Sony Mobile please hurry up, last hour is remaining, buy it here “.

After sometime, Tom checked his mobile and came to know that Wi-Fi network is down. He switched back to data connection mode and then got flooded with notifications. He saw the message of Tim, immediately he visited the link, but became sad to know that offer has expired. Also, he understood that he had made delay in replying to some personal mails which arrived when Wi-Fi network was down.

To avoid such situations, there is need of monitoring network status. The proposed solution suggests same.

Heartbeat messages are nothing but pings to check whether network is up or not.


In case of Tom:-

Network Monitor Program (NMP) will keep monitoring Wi-Fi network interface for its aliveness. As soon as it goes down it switched to data connection mode or notified Tom that, “The Network You are Connected is Down. Please change the Mode” . Tom is now connected uninterruptedly, he grabbed the Sony mobile offer and also replied to personal mails on time.

“A stitch in time saves nine!”

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