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October 31, 2016 by tushumane

Social networking made customers buy smartphones (well, at least in India), ultimately bonding the community strongly. Many applications are available on stores providing attractive features like multimedia sharing, forming groups all in real-time. Time is unity, the measurement of universe. It has highest importance here as well. We will look at different scenarios to highlight how critical role time plays in social networking.



Lost connectivity. Message in mobile’s queue.

Consider there is friends group with: you, Alice, Tom, Jimmy, Emely, Jack and Bob as group members. It’s a long vacation and group members are planning for a movie. You loved the plan and want to suggest Doctor Strange as you are a big fan of Benedict and Marvel. Meanwhile internet connection gets lost. By the time network gets up ,here’s the what happened on group…


happenings at the Other Side

Well, your internet connection gets up at the very right time ( :p ) and look how the picture looks now:


Wrong timing

Time can be enemy! Yeah, you can clear the misunderstanding just happened later but remember this is friends group and everyone is yours, you can deal with the timings here. There can be critical discussions wherein time plays pivotal role. And you can not deal with the situation always!

Proposed Solution:

The problem here is time and placeholder.

Time: Currently it is taking the time at which message is actually delivering.

Place: Place is decided on time basis, time at which message is delivering.

So because of wrong time message is getting misplaced too.

Suggested solution is to bind the time with the queue. That is improve application interaction with queue. So when user press send button, message gets submitted to outgoing queue. If we consider this time, then resulting conflicts can be resolved effectively. Placeholder depends on time, so with this solution message will be placed at correct location. Notification of new message with tip to scroll up can be shown to assist the users.


Queue Based Time and Placeholder

Lets hope this can now resolve most of the conflicts and improves your relationship with time .

Thanks for reading.

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