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February 8, 2019 by tushumane

This article targets the most common problems in Healthcare:

  1. Medical Reports
  2. Medical Prescriptions


  1. Medical Reports
    1. Consider you have undergone a certain medical test/ checkup. Generally, you get the file containing reports and a CD containing images/ video as per the medical test.
      1. After showing reports to the doctor you take things casually. You might not care about the reports. You lost the file/ CD.
        1. Some third person got to see your records, might misuse based on the conditions.
      2. You carefully archive those records at your home.
        1. No issues.
      3. Or, you place the file at home on the table.
        1. Guests or any other person might see those.
        2. Eventually, it gets lost.
  2. Medical Prescriptions
    1. You go to the pharmacy either keeping the file on the table or taking the prescription in hands openly.
      1. 95% agree to the point that other people stare at each other’s prescriptions while waiting.
    2. You keep it folded, pharmacist goes through it and you get the medicines
      1. Happens 10% times.

How the healthcare sector can be improved for such privacy problems with the help of IT?

  1. It is the right time that all medical reports and media content to be QR Coded here onwards with the ID protection which can be patients’ Aadhar Card Number (it’s just SSID term in India).
  2.  The doctor will also generate a simple QR code prescription which can be just scanned by pharmacist and list of medicines will appear on the PC/laptop.
  3. The same QR code will be stored on the customer’s cloud and will always be available in the patients’ mobile using cloud services.
  4. Subsequent test reports and prescriptions would be get stored on patients’ cloud as and when follow-ups/ tests would go on.


Please suggest add-ons to improve the solutions. Please provide feedback.

Happy health caring.


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